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School's OUT

Actually no. But I feel like it is already...and that's bad. Considering this week is all of my finals I should be here, and ready to go, but alas, I am already gone. I am ready to go home.

And I think I am ready to go to Tulane. Everybody thinks I'm crazy, well most everybody, actually not even that, but a few people think I shouldn't go, and well that's o.k. For some reason I feel like its the right thing to do for me. I don't even know why. I actually do have some logical reasons. Oh anyway I ramble.

Hahha, I heard some french rap on t.v. the other day. It gave me the urge to go find some music in french. So I did. It's not even rap. I crack myself up.

YEAH Japanese Dorama.
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What is the dog song?
Its a song where this girl is talking about how she needed a friend so she got a dog, "I'm just walking my dog, singing my song" I see that lj is not sending emails at the moment. Thats not cool.