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AHAHAH I'm Back, Again

Oh how I missed you live journal!!! Omg your mood theme Aimberyo is awesome! I am finally in a dorm room, which is surprisingly nice. Nothing crazy but not really tiny like I expected. Although there is a place for everything, anything unusual has no where to go. We rented a microfridge and had to sit on the middle of the counter/desk that is against the wall. There was no where to put it. And where are all the outlets???? Don't forget that I am an idgit and did not even bring a light bulb for my lamp. Today was the first day that I actually walked around all of the campus. Its so nice, I love the buildings. It makes me excited about Architecture.

Now that I think about it, I have no idea where I pulled Architecture from. Never done anything with it before. I'm sure jumping in head first though. I want a binet (NO FREAKIN IDEA how to spell that) maybe I'll get one soon. And now that I'm a real college student you might be getting some lovely drunken posts that we all love. Who knows. I pet an elephant today. And I am so serious. Life is good but so fucking crazy.
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