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This week...

Has been soooo crazy, and went by really fast....Do you know what is retarded??? Building models of a neighborhood in 32nds of an inch = one foot. Its ridiculous, you can't see shit. AND we are building preliminary designs to FIT into this stupid model. I built three little models yesterday, at 32nds of an inch, they took me an hour each, and they are all boxes. Lol, I really have good ideas I swear, you just can't see it at freakin 32nds of an inch. Lol well thats my hope. Ok, enough of that. I went to see this concert on saturday, this group called Of Montreal. It was so awesome, lol he came out in a wedding dress and said we want to make love to you tonight but we are old fashioned so we have to get married first. And of course there was eyeshadow everywhere. OH but the best??? part was the opening act. There was this guy called the white bitch who mixes his own shit in his parents garage (ok, lets be fair, I don't know that for sure, Im just guessing, but you know its true). He actually was fairly good. But DJ Shell Shock, OMG. This girl, first off had a side mullet, which was just strange, but she thought she could rap, which was bad enough, but then she started "singing." Hhahah AND she had a tambourine!!! I Laughed soooo hard when she pulled that out. Her brother and his friend were in front of me and her brother said he was never coming back to one of her shows, lol and his friend kept asking him what his parents did to them. The venue was was really awesome too, its a place called one eyed jack's and it had red and gold velvet wallpaper and chandeliers. Lol, I'm so easily amused. Hahha and our cab driver afterwards was just hilarious. He was hispanic and started talking in an indian accent and saying he didn't know where he was. This was after he was blasting I'm in love with a stripper. Lol, ok I go eat now.
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